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Bob Gust is an experienced business litigation attorney who is not afraid to stand up for you in court. Contact Gust Law Firm now to work with a attorney who has your best interest in mind.

Let us handle any corporate law issue, including trademarks, leases and licenses.

Don’t enter the courtroom without an experienced business litigation attorney.

Protect what’s yours when you turn to an intellectual property lawyer.

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If you own a corporation or a small business, you have a lot on your plate. You need an experienced business attorney to support the many legal aspects of your business. Gust Law Firm, PLLC practices corporate law in Minneapolis, MN. Whether you’re dealing with a legal dispute or need a business attorney to review a contract, Gust Law Firm is here for you.

Bob Gust has been practicing business law for more than three decades. He’s practiced with large firms and as a solo practitioner over the years. Attorney Gust was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN, so he understands the needs of the community. Call 612-337-9580 today to schedule your consultation with Gust Law Firm.

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Three Reasons

Hiring a business attorney is essential to the success of your small business or corporation.
You need to hire a business attorney in order to:


Assist in Organizing, Acquiring or Selling a Business:

From the beginning to the end, a business attorney will see that everything goes smoothly


Review, Draft, and Analyze Contracts Necessary for Operating your Business:

From drafting contracts to contract negotiations, a business attorney will see that you’re protected down the road.


Represent your Interests in Court:

A business attorney can help you mitigate damages whether you are being sued or need to sue to protect your rights.

Comprehensive business law services to suit your needs

No Matter Your Business Needs, Gust Law Firm is Here to Help.

From business litigation to due diligence, attorney Bob Gust has what it takes to support your company in many ways. Contact Gust Law Firm today for legal assistance with:

Corporate law
Business litigation
Intellectual property law
Distribution and franchise law

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