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If your company doesn’t have a department to perform due diligence, you can partner with Gust Law Firm. Before making a big decision or following through with a transaction, hire a business lawyer to assist you. Bob Gust will analyze and assess every factor related to your corporation’s next move.

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Partner with a corporate lawyer in Minneapolis, MN

Are you making the right decisions regarding your company? You can trust Gust Law Firm, PLLC to guide you through any corporate issue, from preparing purchase agreements to overseeing mergers and acquisitions in Minneapolis, MN. With more than three decades of experience, Bob Gust has the skills to handle a wide range of business law issues, including:

✔ Trademark registrations
✔ Purchases and acquisitions
✔ Articles and bylaws
✔ Shareholder and franchise agreements
✔ Stock purchases and asset purchase agreements
✔ Board minutes and resolutions
✔ Employment agreements
✔ Leases, licenses and contracts

For any corporate law issue in Minneapolis, MN, you can depend on Gust Law Firm. Call 612-337-9580 now to schedule your legal consultation.

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