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Don’t have a lot of experience dealing with lawsuits? It’s essential to hire a business litigation attorney. Your business litigation attorney will educate you on the process and help you make the right decisions regarding your case.

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Hire a business litigation attorney in Minneapolis, MN

Dealing with a lawsuit can be overwhelming. You need legal support from a business litigation attorney. Gust Law Firm, PLLC takes on all types of business litigation issues in Minneapolis, MN. From insurance disputes to minority shareholder disputes, your business litigation attorney has the skills and experience necessary to resolve a wide range of issues. Bob Gust handles business disputes related to:

✔ Construction
✔ Insurance
✔ Contracts
✔ Employment
✔ Intellectual property
✔ Antitrust laws

No matter what your lawsuit involves, Gust Law Firm can help you. Contact Bob Gust now to schedule your legal consultation in Minneapolis, MN.

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